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Real life transformations.

Over 5,000 people have seen success from weight loss surgery performed at Surgical Weight Loss Center at VCU Health. Below are real patients with amazing transformations. Our patients are proof you can also transform your body into a happy, healthier you!

“How has the surgery changed my life? The real question is: What in my life didn’t the surgery change? It is apparent to all my family, friends and coworkers that I am much healthier—mentally, physically and spiritually. Since having my surgery, I have participated in local marathons, obtained my career goal of starting and running my own business and served with my church’s mission programs in other countries.”.

–Stephanie Rogers, VCU Health Weight Loss Surgery Patient


Ciara lost 106 lbs.

Arthur lost 150 lbs.

Mary lost 130 lbs.

Stephanie lost 132 lbs.

*Individual results may vary based on various scenarios.


About the Surgical Weight Loss Center

The Surgical Weight Loss Center at VCU Health is unique in its approach to the care of obese patients. Our multidisciplinary team enables us to meet the needs of our patients on many different levels by offering a full range of bariatric surgery care — including surgical care, postoperative care, outpatient follow-up care and patient education — which improves patient satisfaction and patient care. We are also proud to be a Blue Distinction Center for Bariatric Surgery. These centers have lower complication rates and fewer readmissions for patients.

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