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Did you know?

Routine mammograms are an important part of breast health and your overall wellness. But did you know that not all breast imaging centers are the same?

Turn to the name you trust and discover the five most important reasons to schedule your mammogram today with VCU Health Breast Imaging.


1. Accurate Results

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your mammogram is read by radiologists who specialize in and are dedicated solely to breast imaging. Their leading expertise, deep experience and careful attention to detail ensure more accurate results, which lead to better detection, fewer false positives, less unnecessary testing and less stress.

2. Latest technology/3-D imaging

We offer a full range of screening and diagnostic breast imaging services using the latest technologies, including digital mammography, which provides a clearer and more precise image of the breast, as well as 3-D mammograms, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

3. Caring staff

At VCU Health, you’ll discover the compassionate care that you deserve, with respect, understanding and the utmost attention to privacy and confidentiality in a comforting, supportive setting.

4. Comprehensive, advanced breast health services

You’ll have seamless access to the region’s only National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center, VCU Massey Cancer Center, for world-class care serving all of your breast health needs, from prevention to diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

5. Convenient locations

We’re close to where you live and work with clinics at VCU Health’s Stony Point Campus (adjacent to Stony Point Fashion Park) and MCV Campus downtown.

Download our FREE Guide to Get Tips for a Better Mammo Experience

You know the importance of having regular breast health screenings. But let’s be honest — no one looks forward to having a mammogram.

We’re pleased to offer you this free guide – Making Your Mammo Experience Better. It contains half a dozen helpful suggestions to prepare you for your mammogram and make your screening experience as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

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No one looks forward to having their mammogram but knowing what to expect may make the experience easier.

Download our complimentary guide to learn more.


Understanding mammography guidelines

  • Should I have a screening mammogram?
  • When should I start?
  • How often should I have a breast screening?

There is a lot of confusion and contradictory information about mammography guidelines these days. But the breast health experts at VCU Health want to put your mind at ease with clear and simple recommendations regarding screening mammograms.

We recommend that women at average risk for breast cancer should have a mammogram every year beginning at age 40 and should continue to do so for as long as they are in good health. Ask your doctor if you are unsure of your risk for breast cancer.

“I went to VCU Health for my routine mammogram on my lunch break. As always, the staff and techs were respectful of my time and comfort. When cancer was suspected and I returned for a biopsy, the procedure commenced in the utmost succinct manner. The doctor was kind, professional and very well spoken, and I appreciated the empathy she showed me. I am grateful that my cancer was detected early and accurately — it saved my life.”

— Mary Elizabeth Baldecchi, RN, BSN, CCRC

VCU Massey Cancer Center: Here when you need us most

This year, more than 250,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 40,000 women will die from the disease. Having your screening mammogram with VCU Health Breast ‚Ä®Imaging offers you leading expertise, advanced technology, superior diagnostic accuracy and the confidence that comes from being part of VCU Massey Cancer Center — the region’s only National Cancer Institute-designated cancer center.

Massey Cancer Center provides the full continuum of breast health services, from prevention to detection, treatment and survivorship. We sincerely hope you never need cancer care. But, if breast 
cancer is suspected or detected, your cancer care will be provided by world-class experts who collaborate as the largest multidisciplinary team of breast specialists in the region to offer the most comprehensive, cutting-edge treatment options customized to you. One more reason why having your screening mammogram at VCU Health matters.

Do you have symptoms of breast cancer or need breast cancer care? Learn more about our breast health services.